Institutional access

We offer free sign-ups for a limited set of universities that list us in their library/student service catalogs. If you manage the service catalog of a university library, please reach out to and get free access for all your university's students.

How it works, for librarians: You list us in your library catalog and we will whitelist your university email domain - the whitelisting is maintained as long as the library catalog points to our website. Your students can then access our statistical services on this website and get the analysis results delivered to their student email addresses. As of today, several universities have whitelisted their domains. Users from these schools skip the paywall and directly access all EST research apps for free. 

How it works, for students: You can use all our calculators through the corresponding graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on this website. The abnormal return calculator, for example, can be accessed through this URL: Direct access through an API, as needed for the R-package, is not included. API keys are individual access tokens. We can technically not issue such tokens and verify the university affiliation of the ultimate user of these tokens. For this reason, please use the GUIs and your institutional email addresses to perform your analyses. 

If you want to know whether your university has signed up, please check your library's service catalog or simply try to use one of our research apps with your university email address. If the analysis request gets rejected, your university library has not signed up with us.