Comparative Event Type Analyses

Another interesting area of application for event studies is to compare the stock market behavior to different types of corporate press releases in terms of financial news, applied strategy, awards, counterparts, available products and services, management modifications, mergers, and acquisitions, or legal developments.  For example, the research of Neuhierl et al. (2011) indicated that all these factors lead to rapid changes in company valuations and information environment.

Compared to the extensive body of literature on event-induced abnormal returns, papers investigating event-driven drifts in volatility and liquidity are very rare.

Currently, even-study methodology extends its traditional scope and includes all kinds of corporate news (rather than focusing on a single event in a certain time sequence) to underline their impact on the market systematically. Furthermore, in addition to stock price movements, it investigates the volatility trends, bid-ask spreads, and trading volume following different types of announcements, which has been barely mentioned in scholars’ past papers.

The subject has been broadly analyzed in the prior works of, inter alia, Chan (2003), Antweiler and Frank (2004), Das and Chen (2007), Tetlock (2007), Engelberg (2008), Tetlock (2011).

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