What we do. And why.

The research apps of EventStudyTools were initially developed for the Ph.D. thesis of the website's creator. We decided to put them online given their versatile nature and ability to accelerate also other research projects. Proceeds from the sale of access tokens are directed to a dedicated developer who maintains and advances the website. 

It is our mission to help you get published - be it in the form of your thesis or a journal article. We do so by helping you redirect time and effort from undifferentiated analytical tasks to the creative elements of your work.

We expect you to be confronted with the following challenge: Your research project requires you to display deep expertise on the theoretical discourse you are contributing to, and, at the same time you must excel in writing and applying analytical methods. Your find your odds of success defined by the nature of your theoretical contribution, how well you stick to the conventions of the targeted publication type/journal, your command of applying matching empirical and statistical techniques, and the novelty/innovativeness of your datasets.

EventStudyTools lessens some of these challenges. Its most popular research apps reduce complexity in the application of event studies, whereas others assist you in the handling of your empirical data. In effect, EventStudyTools frees up time for you, which you can invest in the other challenges of your publication journey. 

We are excited to see you succeed and build on our prior efforts. Good luck with your publications!