What we do. And why.

The capabilities of EventStudyTools were developed in the course of the Ph.D. thesis of the website's creator. Since they proofed effective in accelerating research, we decided to release them online. Proceeds from the sale of access directly flow to a dedicated developer for maintaining and advancing the website and its services. 

The mission of the website is to help you get published. From my own experience, I found publishing in high-ranked academic journals very challenging: It typically not only requires deep expertise on the theoretical discourse you want to contribute to but also sophisticated writing and method skills. The latter often comes down to following the logical layout of the article type you want to publish, sticking to the journal's style, and applying advanced empirical and statistical techniques. Novel and innovative datasets work in your favor.

EventStudyTools helps you to get published by reducing complexity in your empirical work and freeing up critical time. Thematically, the capabilities cover the event study methodology and news analytics - as commonly applied in Strategy & Finance research. We are excited to see you succeed and build on our prior efforts.

We wish you good luck with your publication!