What we do. And why.

Publishing in high-ranked academic journals is a big challenge. In most subject areas, it requires deep expertise and skill in two domains. First, the theoretical domain to which the author wants to make a contribution. And second, in the art of performing research at the scientific standards common to the theoretical domain. In Strategy & Finance research, the latter comes down to following the logical layout of the article type you want to publish, following the journal's style, and, in the case of empirical theory testing papers, applying advanced empirical and statistical techniques that help you answer your research questions. Novel and innovative datasets work in your favor.

EventStudyTools helps you to get published. It reduces complexity in your empirical work and frees up critical time.

The capabilities of EventStudyTools were initially developed for the research of the website's originator (e.g., thesis and exemplary publication). Thematically, the capabilities cover the event study methodology and news analytics as commonly applied in Strategy and Finance research. We put the capabilities online because we found them too useful to only live on paper. We are excited to see students and scholars re-using our functional code in their theses and research projects and cannot imagine a better impact of our own research efforts.

We wish you good luck with your publication!