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What we do. And why.

To publish in top journals, scholars need expertise in a wide set of areas - typically deep theoretical knowledge, advanced empirical and statistical skills, and the ability to write in a highly interesting yet concise manner. Our platform assists scholars in this broad task by reducing complexity from their empirical work. We offer statistical research apps that radically simplify event study analyses and news analytics applications. We chose these two methodological domains because of to their complementary nature and since they strongly benefit from sequential computational processes. Using our research apps is free and brings the excellent statistical and computational skills of their developers right into your research project. Should you need further assistance, associated experts are happy to help. An increasing number of scholars make use of our support, as illustrated by the ramp-up of studies that cite our research apps. The map below illustrates our project's growing adoption. As for now, we serve per month more than 5000 individuals from approx 100 countries. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and support our cause - particularly if we were able to assist you in your work.

Map 1: Last Week's Unique Locations of our Users [max: 2k]
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