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How to Cite

The research apps of this website are of particular help in two research categories: Quantitative scholarly research, and case study research based on publicly available press releases of firms. If you use the provided research apps in your publications, please cite within the body of your text as mentioned in (1) and (2) and within your research's bibliography as described in (3):

  1. In-text citation, first appearance: (Schimmer, Levchenko, and Müller, 2015)
  2. In-text citation, subsequent appearances: (Schimmer et al., 2015)
  3. Bibliography: Schimmer, M., Levchenko, A., and Müller, S. (2014). EventStudyTools (Research Apps), St.Gallen. Available on: Accessed on: DD.MM.YYYY

If you publish a case study or practioner study using EventStudyTools' research apps, please cite as mentioned above and consider placing the following batch/ disclaimerat the end of your case study as exemplified by this case study.

If you like us to feature your research in our research tracker, please directly submit your research work's details through the corresponding form on the research tracker page.