Event studies have many practical applications - ranging from event-driven investment strategies to security fraud litigation. We welcome you to integrate our statistical capabilities in your application. You can do this in two ways:

  • Implement our comprehensive API, which is capable of sample studies (and also empowers the regular web frontend)
  • Implement our APIs hosted on RapidAPI, which process one event at a time and are combined with data services

For most use cases, the second option appears more meaningful:

  • You only need to provide the parameters of the event study analysis, all other things, including data retrieval, are dealt with by our implementation
  • The single event approach allows for a more flexible integration of event studies in your applications
  • All administrative aspects are taken care of by RapidAPI — the world's largest API Marketplace used by over one million developers to discover and connect to thousands of APIs using a single account, API key, and SDK

For more details, please visit our endpoints and corresponding descriptions on RapidAPI: