Get an API Key for Direct API Calls (incl. Website/GUI Access)

To get your API key for direct API calls, enter your email in the text field at the bottom of the page and press the buy button. You will then be forwarded to Stripe, our payment gateway, where you can complete your purchase with your preferred payment method.

Your purchase of an API key includes website/GUI access. We recommend you test your input data files first on our website/GUI - in case of data flaws, it returns error codes that will help you fix your input data files.

Simplicity and your data privacy are important to us:

  • We offer only a simple one-month access option, which is not extending and implies no recurring billing. Your API key will be valid for 30 days upon purchase. The exact expiry date will be stated in your purchase confirmation email
  • Our analytical capabilities are server-hosted, the R package acts as a client and communicates with the server. You benefit from updates immediately as they are released, without any impact on how you use the R package
  • You will receive your API key in an email right after the purchase. An encrypted hash value of your email address will be stored and linked to your website/GUI access rights, which will be valid for the same time horizon as your API key 

Before buying, please ensure you feel comfortable composing the required input data files as per these guidelines. Try creating your dataset based on the sample input dataset and use it in our free basic abnormal return calculator