Free Apps for Event Studies and News Analytics

This platform's research apps allow you to easily perform event studies and news analytics - as illustrated by the mounting number of articles using our apps. The platform further supports in all matters associated with the scientific analysis of discrete events; e.g., by providing access to event study experts or guidance in building datasets.

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What is the purpose of this website?

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Which research apps are available on this website?

EventStudyTools provides research apps to perform event studies and news analytics. Our apps further assist other event-centric research methods, such as the event history methodology or optimal matching. They are used every day hundreds of times all around the globe by students in their theses and scholars in research projects. Several scientific articles empowered by our apps have been published in highly ranked journals and/or received internationally renown awards. Please visit our research tracker for a list of projects that were supported by our apps - this will help you gain an understanding of how our apps can drive innovation in research.


For how our research apps' results compare with market alternatives visit our comparison page - in short: all numbers match. 

How to conduct event studies with

Conducting event studies with this website is very simple. It implies a short sequence of steps illustrated in Figure 1. The only step specific to conducting event studies with this website is the transformation of your data into the format required by the website's abnormal return calculators. Irrespective of whether you use the free basic abnormal return calculator (bARC) or the access-restricted advanced abnormal return calculator (aARC), you need to upload three CSV-data files: One file specifying the analysis parameters (i.e., the request file) and two files holding your stock and reference index price information (example upload files). After uploading these files, the research app will perform your event study and prompt you results through CSV files.

Figure 1: Conducting Event Studies with EventStudyTools

task flow of conducting event studies

Which features does our advanced Abnormal Return Calculator (aARC) support?

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What is news analytics and how to perform it?

News analytics is concerned with the quantitative analysis of news streams. It implies the procedural steps needed to turn news into quantitative metrics and time-series. News analytics allows three major applications: (1) the scientific analysis of qualitative dimensions that have previously been ignored in the study of individual events, (2) the repeated longitudinal consideration of similar sequences of events, and (3) from various practical applications, such as novel trading strategies, that build on the capability to plot firm behaviors. The figure beneath sketches the analytical framework implemented on this website (please also view this step-by-step tutorial).

news analytics framework

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