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Welcome to EventStudyTools.com,

This website facilitates the dissemination and use of scientific methods and tools that help to study discrete events, either as single units of analysis or as parts of larger event sequences. The following flash videos illustrate the purpose of the website and how its apps can be used. The apps provided globally support academic and practical applications as illustrated on our impact map.

The website is built around two major themes: the event study methodology, and news analytics. These themes complement each other in that they jointly allow to study firms' news flows from the capital market perspective. Individually, the themes and associated research apps are also useful. Event studies quantify how stock markets respond to discrete events of interest. News analytics, instead, captures corporate news and allows to study firms' decision sequences and communication patterns.

The website's tools may particularly contribute to two research streams in Strategy and Finance research, which are also associated with practical applications: (1) The provided tools allow users to capture and analyze firm competitive behavior over time, allowing for innovative empirical strategies in competitive dynamics research and other areas of strategic management research. Practically, these applications are associated with competitive intelligence work. (2) Since every event study also implicitly tests the efficient market hypothesis, expanding the focus from individual event types to more contextual information bears the potential for new insights on investor behavior, and thus on Finance theory. Novel insights along these lines not only promise a deeper understanding of capital markets, but also convey the very tangible prospect of alpha returns.

Taking advantage of the opportunities engrained in this project's research apps, a first wave of research has received the following awards/award nominations: 2012 William H. Newman Award Finalist (Academy of Management), 2012 Best Conference PhD Paper Prize (Strategic Management Society - SMS), 2012 Best Conference Paper Price For Practical Applications Finalist (SMS), Nomination for 2012 Best Overall Conference Paper Prize (SMS), and 2010 Best Paper Journal of Strategy and Management/Outstanding Paper Award at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2011). Further details on the respective studies and other published work that build on EventStudyTools' research apps are listed in the website's research tracker.

The research apps are either free of charge (EDI, bARC, aARC [small analyses]), or passkey-restricted (CATA, aARC [large analyses]). Passkeys can be purchased here. Affiliates of several institutions (e.g., HSG, Leuphana, Uni Mannheim, or Thammasat University) waive the passkey check by entering their institutional e-mail address for result delivery. For updates, like our facebook page or subscribe to our tweets.

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