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The Team Behind EventStudyTools

Anton Levchenko, PhD (Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods)
Algorithm Design, Programming, and Software Architecture
Anton holds a PhD in Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods. With more than 10 years of lecturing experience in informatics and database design at university-level as well as extensive coding experience, Anton is our technology expert. He is the creative architect of our system that meshes various programming languages and overcomes (almost) all flaws present in the data users provide to our research apps.
Simon Müller, PhD (Maths)
Statistics and Machine Learning
Simon is the mathematical mastermind turning our apps intelligent. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and is member of the American Statistical Association. Simon translates the statistical models described in scientific publications into actionable code that forms the heart of our research apps. He is an expert in all major statistical programming languages. Besides driving the development of our research apps Simon has his own statistical consulting firm (
Prof. Pankaj Patel, PhD (Entrepreneurship)
Research Ecosystem + Scientific Collaboration
Pankaj C. Patel is an associate professor of management and drives the adoption of our research apps in academia. In this role, he heads and designs our research ecosystem and initiates research projects based on news analytics and the event study methodology.
Markus Schimmer, PhD (Strategy)
Strategy and Business Development
Markus initiated this project and formed the team that delivers EST. He is excited about the digital revolution and tries to put this digital age's economic rules and trade-offs at work at EST. Among other choices, we thus work agile, build on an open-source tech stack and work with global offshore talent. Our goal is to provide highest-grade scientific services to our users at unbeatable prices - freeing them from some particularly cumbersome steps in their research process.
Boris Zaydlin & Co.
Website Design and Business Multiplication
Boris is concerned about keeping our analytic cores busy. As the owner of an own software development company Boris hard-wires our APIs into third party applications and drives with partners our growth journey across geographies, apps and downstream applications. If you want to deploy our APIs or share the risks of application developments Boris & Co. are the ones to reach out for.