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How we help you to get published

How to get published in top Strategy and Finance journals? A 1995 study by Daft tried to answer this question for the Strategy domain by identifying the most common scholarly issues within 111 AMJ and ASQ submissions. The submissions held 258 problems, with the most common being: No theory (21.7% of problems, 50.5% of papers), concepts and measurement not aligned (13.6%, 31.5%), insufficient definition (10.5%, 24.3%), insufficient rationale for design (10.5%, 24.3%), macro-structure (10.1%, 23.4%), amateur style (8.9%, 20.7%), inadequate research design (8.5%, 19.8%). 

From these findings, first elements of the answer for the "how to get published"-question appear: Publishing requires from the authors a skill set that is both very broad and very deep. An article is a contribution to a scholarly dialog on a theoretical topic. It adds to theory and therefore requires a deep knowledge of the respective literature. It must also skillfully tie into the discussion - requiring great writing skills. Further, many articles empirically test their theoretical contributions. This mandates a firm command of statistical methods and access to data. As the available data limits what can be tested and thus also theoretically discussed in this type of article, scholars must excel in developing the datasets.

We assist scholars in some of the methodological and data challenges they face when writing articles that draw on the event study methodology and news analytics. Event studies and news analytics are common to Finance and Strategy research and leverage a set of scientific methods. describes these methods and provides all computational capabilities necessary for deploying them. We label these computational capabilities "research apps". Our research apps run server-side, are free of charge, and store no data beyond the time required for performing the computations and delivering the results. For further information, please view our introductory video on YouTube and the following flash clips illustrating the purpose of the website and how our research apps can be used.

From our own experience, the website's research apps may particularly contribute to two research streams in Strategy and Finance research: (1) Using our apps, scholars can capture and analyze firm competitive behavior over time, allowing for innovative empirical strategies in competitive dynamics research and other areas of strategic management research. (2) Since every event study also implicitly tests the efficient market hypothesis, expanding the focus from individual event types to more contextual information bears the potential for new insights on investor behavior, and thus on Finance theory. Novel insights along these lines not only promise a deeper understanding of capital markets, but also convey the very tangible prospect of alpha returns.

Taking advantage of the opportunities oped up by these research apps, a first wave of research has received the following awards/award nominations: 2012 William H. Newman Award Finalist (Academy of Management), 2012 Best Conference PhD Paper Prize (Strategic Management Society - SMS), 2012 Best Conference Paper Price For Practical Applications Finalist (SMS), Nomination for 2012 Best Overall Conference Paper Prize (SMS), and 2010 Best Paper Journal of Strategy and Management/Outstanding Paper Award at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2011). Further details on these studies and other publications that build on our research apps are listed on the website's research tracker or Google Scholar. Going forward, we will enable procedural analyses where research apps sequentially perform complex analyses uniquely possible to integrated cloud-based applications.