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Question #3: Error Message when I ran the API with the packages sample data

Dear Dr. Schimmer,

when I try to use the API, I receive the following error message. This happens even when I use the sample data from the package:

> EventStudy:::EventStudyAddin()
Loading required package: shiny

Listening on
[1] "Validate input files."
[1] "Perform Event Study"
[1] "Check batch process: Step 0"
Warning: Error in UseMethod: no applicable method for 'http_error' applied
to an object of class "data.frame"
77: httr::http_error
76: self$getTaskStatus
75: estAPI$performEventStudy
74: observeEventHandler
3: shiny::runApp
2: runGadget
1: EventStudy:::EventStudyAddin

Until Wednesday it worked fine. Now not anymore. May you tell me whats the reason for it and how to solve it? I despaire of it!

Answer by Dr. Markus Schimmer:
We have deployed an important architectural change to our API, which unfortunately impacted our R package. As per March 2nd, 2019, the Rpackage has been fixed and works again. Please excuse this hiccup. As a general rule: Whenever you face issues with the R package, please use our web interface ( or our API (
Question #2: Large scale event study

I am currently conducting a large-scale event study. I am using R and the EventStudy package. It turns out that I am only able to upload around 2000 stock prices otherwise I receive the error code:

Request Status Code: 500
Error: Argument 'txt' must be a JSON string, URL or file

Is there any way to use the package for a large amount of data e.g. 200k stock prices in the overall analysis?

Answer by Dr. Markus Schimmer:
We strongly recommend using the API directly for large-scale studies. This will give you also some additional flexibility in structuring the analysis - if needed.
Question #1: What's your current API key?
Answer by Dr. Markus Schimmer:
You find the API key on this page: