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Error Handling: Event Study Calculators

The event study calculators prompt you error messages when your data does not match the research apps´ input requirements. The best strategy to spot errors in your dataset is as follows: Download our sample CSV files. Store your data also as CSV files. Open both sets of CSV files using a text editor (e.g., Notepad) and compare them to identify structural differences. The table below further guides you as per the error codes that our calculators provide you when your files do not match the input requirements.

If you remain to have challenges in compiling your input files, please use our data file compilation service. It will build you ready-to-use input files based on your request file.

"Wrong number of columns"

Your files entail a column structure that differs from the required standard

  • Open CSV in a text editor and search for spare semicolons at the end of each line
  • Discard those semicolons/column delimiters
"Wrong number of columns"

You use an Apple computer that uses a different line delimiter in CSV files than regular Windows PCs - resulting in inflated column numbers

  • Upload your data in XLS or XLSX format
  • Use a Windows PC to save CSV files
"Application error" Your data is not consistent, e.g., IDs in your input files are not unique, you have duplicate entries
  • Review your data and fix inconsistencies
"Duplicate event id: 0" Your file format is likely not a standard CSV file, but, for example, a UTF8 CSV file
  • Transform your CSV file into a standard CSV file (i.e., store as file type "CSV (MS-DOS)" in Excel)
  • Alternatively, store and upload your data in XLS or XLSX format