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Error Handling: Event Study Calculators

If your data does not match the research apps´ input requirements, the event study calculators will prompt you error messages. In the below table, we will provide you with guidance on how to overcome these issues:

"Wrong number of columns"

Your files entail a column structure that differs from the required standard

  • Open CSV in a text editor and search for spare semicolons at the end of each line
  • Discard those semicolons/column delimiters
"Wrong number of columns"

You use an Apple computer that uses a different line delimiter in CSV files than regular Windows PCs - resulting in inflated column numbers

  • Upload your data in XLS or XLSX format
  • Use a Windows PC to save CSV files
"Application error" Your data is not consistent, e.g., IDs in your input files are not unique, you have duplicate entries
  • Review your data and fix inconsistencies